2nd Half All-Stars (NL)

Choosing MLB All-Star teams based on 90 days of performance is absolutely ridiculous. Consider the following players:

Jerry Morales, Dave Engle, Shane Rawley, John Hudek, Tyler Green, Jason Dickson, Rolando Arrojo, Ron Coomer, Ken Harvey, Dioner Navarro and Kevin Correia.

How many of those guys would you consider “stars”?  If you answered “ZERO” you’re correct. To be fair they all played terrific ball in the major leagues sometime between April and June. This is an incredible accomplishment!  There have been over 104,000,000 young males who have played baseball in the U.S. alone.  Fewer than 1,700 have shown up on an AL or NL All-Star roster.  Kudos to you Derrick Turnbow (class of 2006). Forever introduce yourself to strangers as a big league All-Star, just don’t mention your 7.3 RA/9 in 108 games (post AS selection).

Piling on the shortsightedness, I am unveiling the 2nd Half All-Star teams for 2011. These rosters were based entirely on player performance over the last 2 1/2 months of the season.

First the senior circuit (with 2nd half split stats)…

National League

1B – Albert Pujols .584 SLG

2B – Dan Uggla .569 SLG

3B – Pablo Sandoval .593 SLG

SS – Troy Tulowitzki 40% BABIP

C – Yadier Molina .535 SLG

LF – Ryan Braun .642 SLG

CF – Matt Kemp 41% BABIP

RF – Lucas Duda .411 OBP

UT – Emilio Bonifacio 38% BABIP, 24 SB

LHSP – Clayton Kershaw 101 K/19 BB

LHSP – Madison Bumgarner 99 K/19 BB

RHSP – Javier Vazquez 96 K/16 BB

LHSP – Cliff Lee 101 K/13 BB, 2.0 RA/9

RHSP – Ian Kennedy 2.1 RA/9

RHRP – Sergio Romo 27 K/1 BB, 0.5 RA/9

RHRP – Kenley Jansen 0.8 RA/9

LHRP – Sean Marshall 36 K/7 BB, 0 HR

RHRP – J.J. Putz 0.8 RA/9

There are at least 4 names that scream “small sample size”.  Who among these do you think is the next Rafael Ramirez (class of ’84) or Chris Brown (’86)? The future Danny Kolb (’04) or Edison Volquez (’08)?

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