2nd Half All-Stars (AL)

The Junior Circuit “2nd Half All-Star” team for your review…

American League

1B           Miguel Cabrera .470 OBP

2B           Robinson Cano .547 SLG

3B           Adrian Beltre .734 SLG

SS           Marco Scutaro .329 BA

C             Mike Napoli .706 SLG

LF           Alex Gordon .389 OBP

CF           Jacoby Ellsbury 21 HR/299 AB

RF           Alejandro de Aza 40% BABIP

UT          Mike Avila .409 OBP

LHSP      Matt Harrison 3 HR/82 IP

LHSP      CC Sabathia 104 K/26 BB

RHSP     Doug Fister 67 K/11 BB

RHSP     Brandon McCarthy 77 K/13 BB

LHSP      Derek Holland 80 K/26 BB

LHRP      Chris Sale 2.1 RA/9

RHRP     Koji Uehara 33 K/1 BB

RHRP     Jonathan Papelbon 36 K/2 BB, 0 HR

RHRP     Mariano Rivera 31 K/3 BB

Any legit rising stars here?  Has Mike Napoli turned into the second coming of Hank Greenberg?

View the NL 2nd Half All-Star team here: https://catcherinterference.wordpress.com/2011/10/01/2nd-half-all-stars/

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