27 reasons why Tony Womack is a Hall-of-Famer

When I noticed Tony Womack on this year’s Baseball Hall of Fame ballot I immediately called my doctor to thank him for the excess prescription drugs he’s prescribing me.

27 reasons (or less) why Tony Womack is a Hall-of-Famer:

  1. He became a big-league regular at age 27.
  2. His family moved against their will 5 times in 7 years.
  3. Buck Showalter, Bob Brenly and Tony LaRussa offered TW 167 trips to the plate in the playoffs (4.2/game!). TW responded by making outs 74% of the time.
  4. HOF Standards by Bill James ranks him 909th all-time.
  5. The worst fielding 2B in the NL during 1997 was, wait for it….Tony Womack.
  6. Among his contemporary batters (1993-2006) he ranks in the 4th percentile. If you didn’t like stats class that means 96% of regulars at all-positions were better hitters than TW.
  7. There were 5 seasons in which Tony placed in the top-7 in his league in Outs Made.

I could go on but I feel badly already. Tony Womack was actually an exciting player to watch, he put the bat on the ball, ran hard and ran FAST. He hit a bunch of triples and is truly one of the all-time greatest stealers of bases. Plus TW earned exactly $23,400,000 more than I did playing baseball, the joke’s on me.

It’s silly to have him on the ballot but I salute Tony for playing a game he loved at the highest level for 13 years.

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