The late great Willie Davis

Imagine a day when the center fielder, batting 3rd for a twice world series winning club in a huge coastal city is not elected to an All-Star team until he is 31. Imagine this player has more career value than Bernie Williams, Lou Brock, Dale Murphy and Kirby Puckett. Imagine this player with 5 above average major league tools including a 70 (on the 20-80 scouting scale) glove and wheels. Imagine him being rated a better CF than Jim Edmonds, Gary Maddox, Mike Cameron and Curt Flood. Imagine this man having more hits, extra-base hits, triples, runs scored, at-bats and total bases than any Los Angeles Dodger. Imagine you are him and you are left off the Hall-of-Fame ballot entirely the same year that Lou Brock is elected on his first try.

“The thing about Willie Davis that left the greatest impression on you was the sight of him running,” said Dodger coach and former teammate Manny Mota. “Once in spring training, I saw him score from second base on a fly ball to center field. He was the only person I ever saw do that.”

Willie Davis reinforces the value that speed and defense can add to a  championship team.

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