Another Phillies pitcher makes the All-Star team

With a 13-to-1 strikeout-to-walk rate over his last 16 starts of 2012 Cliff Lee garners a spot on the NL 2nd half All-Star team.  When you are only walking 2 out of every 100 batters you face you are going to prevent some runs.  During this span Lee gave up only 2.3 runs/start while going at least 6 innings in each of the 16 starts.

Cliff did “lose” 4 games in the second half but he gave up only 3 runs/game in these “losses”.

2002 Upper Deck Ovation #159 Cliff Lee WP RC - Cleveland Indians RC - Rookie Card

Through 280 big league starts I feel like Lee is on the border of hall-of-fame election.  He should get to at least 2,200 strikeouts for his career which would place him in the range of Jim Palmer, Tommy John and Doc Gooden.  Lee’s K/BB rate is identical to Bret Saberhagen which is world class company and his likely career WAR (50) will tie him with Sandy Koufax & Whitey Ford.

So what accomplishments does Lee have to reach to get your HOF vote?  Also, how much do you weigh in his fantastic postseason mark?  Lee’s average outing over 11 starts is 8 K, 1 BB, 2.5 Runs.

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