Closing the books on the Texas Rangers “Core 5”

In the last 3 years the Texas Rangers have participated in 34 playoff games.  Five of Ron Washington’s boys have played in every game.  Each of the “Core 5” has come to the plate between 137-158 times from 2010-2012.

Here is a roundup of their performances, BA/OBP/SLG:

Over his 137 plate appearances Nelson Cruz is on a 61 HR full-season pace (550 ABs).  He’s homered in 13 of the 34 games including a two parker performance against Detroit in the 2011 ALCS.  His 2nd homer was a walk-off grand slam off Tigers reliever Ryan Perry.

As for Josh Hamilton, the baseball ownership circle is contemplating how much of their revenue over the next 6 years to share with the outfielder.  Management must consider his history of under-performance over a full months of games against elite pitching.  A lower OBP than Cruz and a very young Elvis Andrus is not likely to be worth $100,000,000.

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