The Very Few Elite-Hitting Shortstops

The Los Angeles Dodgers Hanley Ramirez is on a very short list of historically awesome hitting shortstops.  In all of MLB history only three guys have played 500 games at SS while posting a career .300 batting average + .500 slugging percentage.

Rockies defensive extraordinaire Troy Tulowitzki is within spitting distance of making the list.  In his short career Tulo has hit .296 + .512 SLG%.


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  1. Gideon Clarke

    That’s kind of an arbitrary definition of “elite-hitting shortstop.” It doesn’t take era adjustments into account at all, for one thing. If I told you that there was a shortstop who was a career .328 hitter, who led his whole league in slugging six times, and the entire major leagues three times, you’d probably agree when I say that he was an elite hitter.

    I’m sure you can guess who that player is. He’s not on your list, though.

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