Matt Klaassen Chills “Big Papi” Lovers

Matt Klaassen over at FanGraphs wrote a great article titled “David Ortiz and the Very Large Hall”.  Go read it, it’s good.

Matt makes many interesting points especially regarding the postseason careers of Ortiz and Jason Giambi.  I was shocked to see that they aren’t that different.

Big Papi does have twice as many playoff plate appearances but Giambi has a solid postseason sample (45 games, 174 plate appearances).  Their rate stats are pretty close.  Ortiz has a small edge in batting average, Giambi has a small edge in OBP and Ortiz has a decent lead in slugging.

I further outlined the “anti-clutch” argument about Ortiz a few weeks back.  Hint: he is a very good hitter in the regular season and playoffs.

Matt’s question about hall size is critical when examining Big Papi’s case.  Ortiz is at the steps of Cooperstown but the door isn’t yet open.

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