The Upside to the Rockies signing of Morneau

The Colorado Rockies signed former MVP Justin Morneau to a two year deal for $13 million.  It appears this acquisition is being panned by outside observers of base and ball.  I don’t know how this is going to turn out for the Rockies but there are a few facts in favor of their new first baseman.

  1. Three years ago Morneau was awesome!  He hit .345 with a .618 slugging.
  2. In 2013 his on-base percentage was higher than that posted by Manny Machado, Josh Hamilton and Adam Jones.
  3. The new Rockie hit more home runs this year than his predecessor Todd Helton, Billy Butler, Buster Posey, Victor Martinez and Jason Heyward.
  4. Justin Morneau is younger than Shane Victorino, Matt Holliday and Nick Swisher.

We will probably know by the all-star break if the Morneau signing is a good one for Colorado.  My guess is that he will surprise to the upside in 2014.

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