The Power Outage of 1988


You think we don’t have home runs today.  Think about baseball fans of 1988.  The entire National League saw just two players hit 30 long balls.  No team averaged one HR/game that season.

This was on the heels of a record-setting 1987 when 19 teams averaged one homer per night.

Twenty-eight players hit thirty bombs in ’87 including:


The following year Cubs, Blue Jays and Braves fans wanted to know what happened to their favorite slugger.  Andre Dawson, George Bell and Dale Murphy were all cranking out a long ball every 13 at-bats in 1987.  In ’88?  It took each of them 25 AB’s to hit one HR.

The best power hitters all around baseball saw their home run output fall by half in the matter of just 12 months.

Baseball fans in 2014 are seeing 15% more home runs than those in 1988.  Enjoy Jose Abreu, Giancarlo Stanton and Mike Trout while you can because league wide power production can fall much further from today’s levels.


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