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Wall-Banging Shortstops

Continuing the power-hitting shortstops theme, I am interested in determining who hit the most career doubles at the position.

Looking only at games played at SS, we rule out Robin Yount and Alex Rodriguez. Each has over 500 career doubles but both split them at two different defensive positions.

We run into issues with a few old-time greats, Joe Cronin and Honus Wagner. Both guys hit over 500 doubles but they played in seasons that Baseball-Reference is missing many box scores and thus splits.  Cronin probably hit just under 500 as a SS and Wagner is estimated to have 550 doubles at the SS position.  Honus is very likely the all-time leader for doubles by a shortstop but since we don’t know for certain I have left he and Cronin off this list.

The nearly 100% accurate list follows:

Career Doubles Hit While Playing Shortstop

  1. Derek Jeter – 514

  2. Cal Ripken – 470

  3. Jimmy Rollins – 441

  4. Orlando Cabrera – 440

  5. Barry Larkin – 438

  6. Edgar Renteria – 435

  7. Miguel Tejada – 434

  8. Omar Vizquel – 426

  9. Luke Appling – 422 *est*

  10. Ozzie Smith – 400