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BBWAA to Larry Walker: “Sorry For The Confusion”

The Baseball Writers’ Association of America do not have much respect for Larry Walker‘s hall-of-fame candidacy.  This year the Canuck garnered fewer HOF votes than Jeff Kent and Fred McGriff.  His future chance of election by the writers is very slim.

The lack of support for Walker can be explained partially by the ten player ballot limit and mostly by anti-Coors Field sentiment.  Writers point to his monster season of 1997 and say “He benefited from hitting baseballs in Denver so he really wasn’t that great”.

If he wasn’t that great then why did you select Walker as MVP that very season?

Despite the Rockies 3rd place finish LW received 92% of the writers NL MVP votes.

Maybe instead of Slugging .720 and hitting 49 home runs the right fielder should have only slugged .600 and hit 40 bombs.

Walker’s video game-like numbers are used to justify not voting for him as a hall-of-famer when the very same numbers were used to justify voting for him as MVP.