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As Much As You Don’t Like A-Rod…

Alex Rodriguez

Third Base, NYY (Photo credit: Keith Allison)

It appears that for a variety of reasons there are baseball fanatics out there that are not so happy with the person playing third base for the New York Yankees. It is noteworthy to highlight just one item from that ballplayers resume. Here are the most 100 run seasons by a shortstop, all-time:

  1. Derek Jeter – 13
  2. Alex Rodriguez – 8
  3. Jimmy Rollins – 6
  4. Nomar Garciaparra – 6

A-Rod was a full-time shortstop for eight seasons.  In all 8 years he scored 100+ runs. His worst year as a SS was his 21 year-old season in 1997. Rodriguez hit .300/.350/.496 with 40 doubles, 23 HR, 29 SB in 35 attempts. His low-point was an all-star season.

The Very Few Elite-Hitting Shortstops

The Los Angeles Dodgers Hanley Ramirez is on a very short list of historically awesome hitting shortstops.  In all of MLB history only three guys have played 500 games at SS while posting a career .300 batting average + .500 slugging percentage.

Rockies defensive extraordinaire Troy Tulowitzki is within spitting distance of making the list.  In his short career Tulo has hit .296 + .512 SLG%.