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The Second to Last Lucroy Watch

Jonathan Lucroy passed Yadier Molina Thursday night in St. Louis for most doubles hit by a catcher in NL history (45).

Here is the video of the record breaker.

Lucroy’s next double as a catcher will pass Ivan Rodriguez for the all-time MLB record.



Chasing History: Jonathan Lucroy Update

Jonathan Lucroy now has 44 doubles hit this season as a catcher.  He stands one double away from tying the all-time mark set by Ivan Rodriguez in 1996.

See this post from last week for the full list of catchers with 40+ two-baggers in a single season.


Jonathan Lucroy Chases History

The Milwaukee Brewers’ Jonathan Lucroy leads the National League in doubles this season with 47.  In addition he is chasing history because 40 of his two-baggers have come while playing catcher.

Here are the all-time single-season doubles leaders hit as a catcher:

  1. Ivan Rodriguez, 45, 1996

  2. Yadier Molina, 44, 2013

  3. Mickey Cochrane, 42*, 1930

  4. Jonathan Lucroy, 2014, Terry Kennedy, 1982. Jorge Posada, 2007. Brian McCann, 2008 tied at 40

*season total (pre play-by-play data)